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Web Service findrhyme.com

The website is a group of thematically linked images, information, films made available under one web address. Some sites collect various thematic sections, which causes extensive menu on the home page. Some sites give you the opportunity to register their own profile gathering information about your interests, gender, age, etc. This action allows for better management of the content, which the user may be interested, as well as sharing it or not, content for adults.

Profiles also facilitate communication between users of the service through debates at thematic forums or in the comments below articles, as well as between persons in different sites – by sending an e-mail. In addition, many sites provides widgets that provide its functionality as an element on the other side, allowing you to easily get to the source.

The content of websites can be static, providing comprehensive content completely knowledgeable in the topic, it can also be a form of a list of new entries providing new messages. Another form of website content is generated dynamically example is the web service findrhyme.com. Replies in this site are generated based on the results of queries to the database.


All the information necessary for the operation of the service must be collected in an appropriate manner. Access to this information must be simple, accurate, and fast. The best tool for data storage, databases. They are designed in accordance with the standards and continually developed. They collect data on the structure tailored to the objectives of the proposed system and allow efficient access even to large amounts of information.

If a page based on Content Management System the database will collect information about your settings, plug-ins, users – if the service permits, entries, comments and many others concerning the operation of the parties and the CMS. For additional functionality of the service providing the services that require the use of data necessary to create a separate database. This will allow for the maintenance of order in a separate file, which can also use other applications, it increases its mobility in case of resignation from the website or CMS changes, the smaller size will make it easier for example: Base implementation in devices without access to the Internet.

Databases are used everywhere during the work must have access to information and to maintain its status at the end of the application / page / device.

Web Service

Data collected in the database so that they can be used in applications through the Internet must be safely shared. Regardless of whether the information will be sent in human readable form, or to require transformation into the final application, it is necessary to provide them in the correct way. For this purpose, a Web service, the interface is described in WSDL ( Web Services Description Language), by defining features, levied by no parameters and return type of data. Messages exchanged with Web Service using SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol), sending by HTTP ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol) data serialization in XML ( Extensible Markup Language). Implementation of Web Service also requires the UDDI registry ( Universal Description Discovery and Integration), in which applications are announced by the developers of web services.

Web service findrhyme.com

Web service findrhyme.com provides three basic functions:

  1. Rhymes – when you type any word and approval ENTER magnifying glass located on a belt or button that says “RHYMES ‘, we get the result as a list of rhyming words to the given word. The result is sorted depending on the length of the portion rhymes expression, as well as the popularity of the word.
  2. Anagrams – function behaves previous and allows you to get an anagram of the word given. If it is possible, in response appear the words using only the letters given expression, in addition there will be words complemented by some additional letters. The function for people who like puns.
  3. Find a word – help when the missing words in verbal games such as crossword puzzles, WordPlay, Scrabble similar. This function allows you to type in exchange for any letter sign “_” and get the possible combinations of words. There is also a possibility to replace any number of characters, by replacing it with a “%”.

The function results appear on a new page, so you can share the result achieved by sending the address of the newly opened page. These addresses have been prepared in a “friendly links” of which you can read in more detail in another article.

Program findrhyme.com

For ease of use has also prepared a program on the .NET platform. The program is available for download at.

Web Service findrhyme.com

It allows you to exactly the same functionality as the website and allows you to use them directly, without going to the website. If you have problems installing prepared a description of how to deal with it.

Service certainly will appeal to people struggling with rhyming texts of songs, rhymes and advertising slogans. We are happy to use it as people who like word games and puzzles. We encourage you to read the service and its own assessment.

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